Saga of the Storm King

Attack on Bryn Shander

Dungeon Master Session log

5 Mirtul, near Dawn, (26 days after leaving Waterdeep)

The members of the Gray Hands, delivered by the Cloud Giant Zephyros aboard his flying tower, make their way along the Caravan Trail road to the walled city of Bryn Shander.


A ten-day prior, they were instrumental in dealing with a dwarven strike team sent from the ruling queen of Mithral Hall, intent on disabling the flying tower. The tiefling courtier Uso Rahim is able to negotiate a cease-fire with the silver dragon Clarion, who agrees to leave with the dwarven raiding team if assurances can be made that the Cloud Giant poses no threat to the lands of the North, (the silver dragon follows in the distance to ensure this). During this confrontaton a ten-day prior, the Blackstaff teleports a new provisional member of the Gray Hands to the gate of the floating tower: Chathi Amolin, who joins the party…

Early Afternoon, 

The adventurers soon realize that they are not suitably dressed for the inhospitable temperatures of Icewind Dale. Traveling 20 miles along the wind-swept snowy road, they arrive at Bryn Shander, cold, tired, and greeted by its deputy sheriff, a female shield dwarf named Augrek Brighthelm, who welcomes them and guides them to find lodgings near the center of town at an inn called Kelvin's Comfort, operated by a Ogden Flamebeard, also a shield dwarf, he trades with Kass to provide entertainment for lodgings and food. He also informs them of rumors from merchant caravans who report raids by groups of frost giants along the Caravan Trail road.

6 Mirtul, Afternoon.

Gaining a full day of rest and relaxation at Kelvin's Comfort, the party soon settle on shopping at Rendaril's Emporium, the largest trade-house in Bryn Shander. They acquire much needed winter wear and for goods; learning something of lands of Icewind Dale and its people from its owner the half-elf Rendaril. The shopping is soon interrupted as a massive boulder is seen crushing a nearby wagon, killing its occupants and horses, and soon chaos ensues as townsfolk flee some terror that has approached from the Southwest Gate. They hear the sounds of warhorns blaring, and approaching the gate, are confronted with a raiding party of Frost Giants, (a dozen, which split up to lay siege to separate parts of Bryn Shander).

The Frost Giants are defeated and the surviving giants flee to the northwest…



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