Bogg the Barbarian

Orc Barbarian of Smashing things


Tall, powerfully built Orc, typically wars wolf and bear furs in the cold season. When entering the civilized cities of the Sword Coast, Bogg will usually hide his face with his fur pelts to protect his Orcish heritage.


Bogg is an exile from his Orc war band, which was destroyed during an Elven raid, only Bogg survived and he was taken as tribute, (as was the tradition of this Elven tribe). Bogg was raised by Varis, an Elven ranger, who taught Bogg some of the rudiments of survival and combat. Bogg and Varis often adventured together until the catastrophic War of the Silver Marches decimated Varis’ Copper Elf tribe.

He has been wandering the Sword Coast for many seasons with Varis, and considers the copper elf his brother. Recently, both met the famed Ranger Jardwim, who recognizing that Bogg was not the typical Orc, and that this friendship of brotherhood was a rare and precious thing. Jardwim asked them to join him in Waterdeep, where Bogg has been granted safe passage through the city, (being he is an Orc) by official writ of the Blackstaff of Waterdeep himself.

Bogg is now an official member of the Gray Hands of Waterdeep.

Bogg the Barbarian

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