Saga of the Storm King

Journey to Waterdeep
Dungeon Master Session log

After a couple of days of rest, relaxation and being celebrated as heroes of Ten-Towns, the Gray Hands depart with some advice from Sir Barric, a paladin of Tyr who plans to depart a few days later with his companion Sir Lanniver. Sirac of Suzail, son of the famed adventurer Artus Cimber, asks the party to escort him to Waterdeep, he fears that more Frost giants will come seeking for him and he wishes to leave Bryn Shander to avoid bringing more attacks to its people. He tells them of a friend of his father who may know more about the artifact that the Frost Giants seek: the Ring of Winter.

9 Mirtul

A band of Reghed barbarians (tribe of the Bear) attack the party, they manage to scavange 2 days of dry rations from the defeated barbarians.

14 Mirtul, Dusk.

The party nears the mountain pass town of Hundelstone, and Fletch seeks to make contact with a Harper agent; he is informed that Harpers are diligent about their secrecy, and sends the half-elf thief off.

21 Mirtul, Late morning…

The Gray Hands arrive at Luskan, deciding to bypass the coastal fishing village of Fireshear to seek ship passage to Waterdeep. They have an unexpected "misunderstanding" with the Illuskan guards, one who claims that a "thief" is among the party; Kass is able to use her charm and fast-talk to convince the guards otherwise and to let them go; and soon the party decide to confront Fletch about his "compulsive streak of independence" that put the party in jeopardy; an understanding is reached to allow the Blackstaff and Jardwim to make a final judgment once the Hands return to Waterdeep…

The party soon settle in the sailors tavern of the Mermaids Teat, and they meet a stylishly dressed Chondathan; captain of the Moon Maiden, a caravel that leaves for Waterdeep in 2 days, they book passage for the stiff fee of 450 gold pieces, (Uso offers a 100gp deposit). Captain Osk Thunderhale shares stories of giant attacks along the Sword Coast.

5 of Kythorn, Mid-day.

After an uneventful journey hugging tight to the frigid waters of the northern Sword Coast, the party arrives in Dockward Waterdeep; they are then invited by Sirac to visit the noble family of Roaringhorn. They meet the archmage noble who gifts them with one magic item as payment for brining the son of Artus Cimber to his family safely. Sirac tells the party that Lord Zelraun Roaringhorn may know much lore about the Ring of Winter.


XP Awarded:

1,809 for each character

Attack on Bryn Shander
Dungeon Master Session log

5 Mirtul, near Dawn, (26 days after leaving Waterdeep)

The members of the Gray Hands, delivered by the Cloud Giant Zephyros aboard his flying tower, make their way along the Caravan Trail road to the walled city of Bryn Shander.


A ten-day prior, they were instrumental in dealing with a dwarven strike team sent from the ruling queen of Mithral Hall, intent on disabling the flying tower. The tiefling courtier Uso Rahim is able to negotiate a cease-fire with the silver dragon Clarion, who agrees to leave with the dwarven raiding team if assurances can be made that the Cloud Giant poses no threat to the lands of the North, (the silver dragon follows in the distance to ensure this). During this confrontaton a ten-day prior, the Blackstaff teleports a new provisional member of the Gray Hands to the gate of the floating tower: Chathi Amolin, who joins the party…

Early Afternoon, 

The adventurers soon realize that they are not suitably dressed for the inhospitable temperatures of Icewind Dale. Traveling 20 miles along the wind-swept snowy road, they arrive at Bryn Shander, cold, tired, and greeted by its deputy sheriff, a female shield dwarf named Augrek Brighthelm, who welcomes them and guides them to find lodgings near the center of town at an inn called Kelvin's Comfort, operated by a Ogden Flamebeard, also a shield dwarf, he trades with Kass to provide entertainment for lodgings and food. He also informs them of rumors from merchant caravans who report raids by groups of frost giants along the Caravan Trail road.

6 Mirtul, Afternoon.

Gaining a full day of rest and relaxation at Kelvin's Comfort, the party soon settle on shopping at Rendaril's Emporium, the largest trade-house in Bryn Shander. They acquire much needed winter wear and for goods; learning something of lands of Icewind Dale and its people from its owner the half-elf Rendaril. The shopping is soon interrupted as a massive boulder is seen crushing a nearby wagon, killing its occupants and horses, and soon chaos ensues as townsfolk flee some terror that has approached from the Southwest Gate. They hear the sounds of warhorns blaring, and approaching the gate, are confronted with a raiding party of Frost Giants, (a dozen, which split up to lay siege to separate parts of Bryn Shander).

The Frost Giants are defeated and the surviving giants flee to the northwest…


Game Notes:

XP Gained: 6,450 each

The Cloud Tower of Zephyros
Dungeon Master Session log

5 Tarsakh, Thulsun, (or early afternoon)

Having retreated from the goblins the party recoup and return to their encampment to take a short rest and strategize their second attempt to return to the Dripping Caves and rescue the inhabitants of Nightstone.

A few hours later…

The adventurers manage to re-enter the caves, and deliver the surviving inhabitants of Nightstone after dealing with the goblin boss and waylaying the orc warband that threatened the party's campsite.  They rescue as well the lady in waiting of Lady Nandar and the body of Lord Ulgar, a merchant representative from Waterdeep who was tortured by the goblins. They leave with the settlers and encamp.


6 Tarsakh, dawn.

The party return to Waterdeep with the survivors of Nightstone and the shield dwarf leader Morak. After an uneventful journey lasting 5 days. They bring with them the bodies of Lady Velrosa Nandar, leader of Nightstone, and the body of Darthag Ulgar, representative of the Lionshield Coster Trading Company. 


Upon arriving in Waterdeep the adventurers notice a huge wizard's tower floating on a misty cloud over Mount Watereep; it portends much worry for the people of Waterdeep as they fear it could be a giant attack, (similar to the fate of Nightstone).

The party enter Waterdeep through its South Gate, part company with the settlers of Nightstone and Morak; they make their way to the Castle Ward to deliver the body of Lord Ulgar to the Lionshield Coster, meeting a merchant by the name of Danomeer who offers to negotiate for goods and services.

The party soon settle and meet with Jardwim at their traditional meeting place, the adventurer's tavern Selune's Smile in Dock Ward; they are given rooms arranged by Jardwim at the Sailors Corner Inn, only a few streets distance. For the next couple of days the adventurers take care of some business in the City of Splendors. On the eve of the third day they make the acquaintance of non-other than the Blackstaff of Waterdeep himself, Khelben Arunsun, who tells them they must make haste; he promptly teleports them to the gate of the floating tower, informing them to investigate all they can.

9 Tarsakh, sometime in the morning hours…

The Tower of Zephyros is visited by cultists of the Howling Hatred, who request an audience with the Cloud giant wizard, but who is mysteriously absent; a stalemate is reached after Fletch decides to pick the pockets of the cult leader; soon the cultists leave in their trained giant vulture mounts.

16 Tarsakh, near dusk…

As the Gray Hand members settle to rest after another uneventful day aboard the floating tower, the heroes spot a huge silver dragon; a squad of armed shield dwarfs, intent on attacking the tower, rappel down with weapons drawn…

The Doom that Visited Nightstone
Dungeon Master Session log

4th of Tarsakh, midday.

The members of the Gray Hands search the town after interrogating Kella Darkhope, who reveals she works for the Zhentarim, a powerful and ruthless faction of merchants from the Moonsea region of the Realms. She tries to convince the adventurers to join her in claiming Nightstone for the Zhents. 

Bogg the Orc Barbarian and Varis the Elven Ranger search more of the abandoned cottages, and soon discover two other survivors being tortured by a pair of goblins: Fletch, a Half-Elven Rogue and Uso Rahim, a Tiefling Sorceror and courtier of Waterdeep. They both reveal they were approached by Jardwim the Ranger to join the Gray Hands but decided to travel directly to Nightstone to investigate for their respective patrons. They join the rest of the adventurers after their credentials check out.

Soon after…

The sound of an ominous warhorn is heard and Bogg informs his comrades that an orc warband is near, and soon the town is besieged by orcs of the Ear Seeker Tribe; its leader can be seen in the distance with a shaman directing the assault, but they leave when they witness the adventurers defeat the orcs. Soon the adventurers hear the sound of about a dozen orc war-drums. During the siege Zhakaras releases Kella to seek refuge in the Keep. After a heated melee the adventurers manage to kill the invading orcs and settle into one of the guard towers for a long rest. 

Fetch goes to the Keep and searches for loot, discovers a chest loaded with coin and defended by a magically animated sword; he makes a hasty escape and returns to the rest of the party the following morning.

5th of Tarsakh, morning.

Preparing to leave Nightstone the adventurers soon discover from the 4 remaining towns guards that Kella did not go to the keep but instead jumped into the moat and fled the town heading northeast. The party decide to take their horses and travel about a mile north to the Dripping Caves to investigate the whereabouts of the missing townsfolk.

They find their tracks and soon confront a pair of Ogres guarding the cave's entrance. After dispatching the ogres they are beset upon by goblin archers. Kass then leads the party into exploring a tunnel that leads to a goblin nest, and a huge boulder-trap is released that nearly kills half the party; promptly a hasty exit to reformulate a new strategy to rescue the survivors of Nightstone still trapped inside the Dripping Caves…


Party Loot collected thus far:


  • A gold signet ring with the Zhentarim symbol, worn by the slain bandit captain Xolkin, (25 gp)
  • Coins: 4pp, 13gp, 5 gemstones (worth 100gp each)
  • Potion of Invulnerability
  • 7 Riding Horses, (belonged to the Seven Snakes bandits) plus riding gear
  • Winged snake, which Kass has seduced to make her familiar, (Asper)


Journey to Nightstone
Dungeon Master Session Log

First Day of the Month of Tarsakh, in the Year 1486 of the Dale Reckoning, (a year after the War of the Silver Marches).

Highsun, (noon-tide) in the City of Waterdeep, Dock Ward…

The adventurers are each invited to the renowned adventurer's tavern Selune's Smile, in the Dock Ward. They are gathered by special invitation from the enigmatic ranger Jardwim, a follower of Mielikki, for a special mission on behalf of the Blackstaff of Waterdeep. Jardwim also recounts stories of the adventuring company of the Gray Hands. The Gray Hands are the special forces of the Masked Lords of Waterdeep; often unpopular because their methods are hard-hitting and unconventional; many die or retire early.


The Mission:

Travel to the hunting village of Nightstone, about 3 days travel by horse from Waterdeep; investigate why there has had no communication with the locals, (divination magic has provided no answers) and what has happened to Lady Velrosa Nandar, High Steward of Nightstone as well as what has happened to the villagers, if need be, offer aid and protection then report back at all costs. 


Jardwim offers the adventurer's provisional membership in the Grey Hands of Waterdeep, a special unit that handles special high-threat missions that are out of the scope of the City Watch or City Guard of Waterdeep. They are to be paid a monthly stipend and receive all the privileges of membership in the adventuring company once they succeed in their mission. 

As surety, Jardwim offers the party a small wooden token with the painted symbol of a gray hand, that can be used to obtain gear and equipment for their journey, but which must be returned once the mission is complete. Jardwim provisions the party with riding horses and basic supplies for their journey. He warns them to be vigilant, as magical divinations have also proven unsuccessful in yielding much information. 

3 Tarsakh, Highsun.

The company discover that the settlement of Nightstone has been attacked, (massive boulders litter the town and damage to parts of the palisade). The inhabitants appear missing or captured by unknown forces. The eponymous 'Nightsone' that gives the town its name, (a large black rune-carved monolith that was in the town square) is uprooted and missing. 

The adventurers confront a small tribe of goblins that appear to be pillaging and looting the unprotected town; and they discover a lone survivor who goes by the name of Kella Darkhope, soon she is joined by a gang of armed men, "the Seven Snakes." The adventurers confront and kill the bandits, and Kass uses her Yuanti charm to seduce the winged snake to her service. They capture Kella Darkhope, who is revealed to be an agent of the Zhentarrim. 


XP Awarded:





Dramatis Personae
The Heroes of our Saga

Lander Hightide, a Half-Elf trained Artificer and Alchemist; played by Chad.

Zacharas, a Tiefling Cleric of Umberlee, the Bitch Queen of the Seas and Tempests; played by Joe.

Kass Lightfoot, a female Yuanti-Pureblood Bard & Entertainer of the Dock Ward of Waterdeep; played by Allen.

Varis the Outlander, a Copper Elf (Wood Elf) Ranger, old friend of Jardwim, Patron of the Grey Hands; played by Steve.

Bogg the Brute, an Orc Barbarian exiled from his Warband for crimes against Orcishness; played by Priscila. 

Uso Rahim, a Tiefling Sorcerer and Courtier of one of the Masked Lords of Waterdeep; played by Scott.

Fletch Nimblefingers, a thief from Waterdeep with arcane talents; played by Chris.

Chathi Amolin, a Human of Mulan descent from Mulhorand, now a Planeswalker allied to the Blackstaff of Waterdeep; played by Thomas. 


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