Khelbel Arunsun, Blackstaff of Waterdeep

Archmage patron of the Gray Hands


KhelbenLeft.jpg Khelben stood just over 6 feet, tall and was physically fit for a wizard. He usually dressed in dark robes, wielding his trademark Blackstaff. He has a full beard; black hair with silver streaks, including a prominent one through his beard; and a distinguished, imposing manner. He often dressed in black robes with a silver torque and a cape lined in gray fur.


Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun is rumored to be near a thousand years old and a Chosen of Mystra. Other rumors say he was a masked Lord of Waterdeep. He resided in Blackstaff Tower until his death and is the sole possessor of the Blackstaff, a powerful wizards staff. For nearly 50 years Khelben “vanished” and was presumed dead, his duties taken up by his apprentice Vajra. He returned to Waterdeep from “other worlds” about five years ago, (after being presumed dead from fighting an Outer-Planar entity) and quickly resumed his duties as the pre-eminent Archmage of Waterdeep.

KhelbenRight.jpg One of the few spellcasters to become one of Mystra’s Chosen, and the last survivor of House Maerdrym, Khelben was a serious, imposing wizard, and a grim proponent of law and order whose methods of achieving the ultimate good were often highly questionable in the eyes of the righteous. He is a notable member of the Harpers, (though some Harpers say his methods are controversial and unconventional, even for the Harpers).

He is a recluse and seldom leaves Blackstaff Tower unless it involves official business for the City of Waterdeep and its Masked Lords. He is credited with creating the Gray Hands as a strike force, (SWAT team) to deal with serious threats to the City of Splendors. He is also known to be a Planeswalker, and often visits other worlds of the Multiverse on quests or special missions.

Khelbel Arunsun, Blackstaff of Waterdeep

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