Harshnag the Grim

Retired member of the Gray Hands


Quote: “Come here little demon, and stop tormenting the nice townsfolk…I will squash you like a bug.”

Harshnag is a Frost Giant who has left giant-kin and settled in Waterdeep many years ago; he has been a vital and most memorable member of the Gray Hands. He is a powerful warrior who prefers the battle axe, though he can turn just about any object into a weapon. The Frost giant is known to wear the skull of a slain White Dragon as his helmet.


Harshnag the Grim was a frost giant and member of the Gray Hands. Waterdhavians tended to use Harshnag as an indicator that that their neighborhood was about to become a war zone, and to get out of the area as fast as possible.

Some say he was exiled from his clan for love of human-kin, but few really know the story of why Harhnag forsook the ways of his people.

Harshnag the Grim

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