Chathi Amolin

Horizon Walker follower of Ptah. Native of Realmspace.


Lithe and appears to be of Mulan descent though some of her mannerisms and accent are slightly different. She has long dark hair and skin but bight blue eyes and a few freckles across the bridge of her nose. She typically wears studded leather armor and carries a scimitar and crossbow for defense. She wears a ankh around her neck.


Born and raised on the Rock of Bral within the Tears of Selûne. Mother is a priestess of Ptah from Mulhorand. She eventually made her way to Wildspace and became a pilot. Her father is a man-at-arms native to Realmspace.

While Chathi worked onboard an Elven Man-o-War her ships helm was damaged and crashed on Toril. She has since roamed and come to call the region around Waterdeep home for the moment. She isn’t in a hurry to return to Realmspace and beyond but has decided to take the opportunity to explore and learn more of her mother’s world first hand. Perhaps even making it to Mulhorand itself one day.

Unknown to Chathi her father is a member of the Harpers who have a presence on the Rock of Bral. Archmage Khelben Arunsun also known as the Blackstaff of Waterdeep is not only familiar with Chathi’s parents but is aware of her presence in the region. He has decided to present her with an offer. Though she is unaware of Khelben’s ties to her family and why he would present such an offer she has decided to accept.

As Ptah is the seeker, the Supreme Artisan, Creator of the Universe, and He From Whom All Life Emerged Chathi has committed to not only seek out the wonders that he has provided but to also protect them so others may share in his gifts even if they are unaware.

Chathi Amolin

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